Train your cardiovascular endurance in these high energy classes!

Want to up your cardio endurance? TYB’s Spin Classes are a great way to train your cardiovascular system so you have more energy to live your life to the fullest!

A little intimidated to try? We know spin can seem intimidating at first, but we assure you once you saddle up and get your feet moving to the beat you’ll wonder why you didn’t try a spin class sooner! Our instructors are trained to make sure you are set up on your bike comfortably and safely so that you can have your best cardio training session!

All we ask is that you do you! Listen to your body, go what is fast for you, turn up the resistance so that it works for you. We have no leader boards, no metrics, and no way to rate you amongst the other students in the class. We just want you to sweat and get your move on with us!

Types of Classes:

These classes are guaranteed get your heart rate a pumpin and your lower body burnin! (in a good way!)

Spin 30: A quick spin workout for those who are a little short on time, but quick doesn’t mean it will be any less of a workout than our 45 min classes! Spin 30s will have spin up intervals, hills, moments of endurance, and if you’re in Heather’s class she does like to throw in what she calls ‘crazy 8s’. We spin for 30 mins straight with no rest track so do your best!

Spin 45: Similar format to a Spin 30 training practice but a little longer so you can expect a rest track around the middle of practice and a couple more workout tracks! Depending on the instructor, there may also be some upper body incorporated.

Endurance Ride 45: This one is new to our TYB programming and involves NO coming out of the saddle. After a longer warm up, we work on pedal stroke drills to optimize your spin performance and then stay in the saddle working specifically on cardio and muscular endurance.

NOTE: All our spin classes are great for all experience levels and are taught in a way that is inspiring and challenging regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

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