Barre Boss – Heather Senderewich

3045e8f1-f688-46a1-b205-6848b2361eb7Heather Senderewich is a certified yoga, barre, TRX, spin instructor, personal trainer, and has her nutrition certification with canfitpro. She has trained with schools in Brazil, Kelowna, Vancouver, Minneapolis, and Toronto.  After working in the computer technology field for 8 years, Heather left to join the amazing team at Moksha Yoga where she had the opportunity to teach over 1500 classes in her 4 year journey there.  In January 2015, Heather started to look into opening her own studio with dreams to create an amazing community of health and wellness in the Charleswood area.  Using her passion for all things relating to health and wellness, she strives to create programming that will help its members be the best they can be – physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. (if that’s what they seek)When Heather is not at the studio, she enjoys hobbies such as jewelry making, cooking, playing sports (like team handball and touch football), and she LOVES tea. (which is why tea is such a big part of the studio)

A few questions for Heather 

What’s your favourite Yoga Barre class to teach?
This is a hard one! I LOVE teaching all classes…but if I had to pick one I would say barre is my baby.

What should we expect from your classes?
Spin and Barre – I LOVE music so my jams will be pumpin.  I want you feel that you maaaybe had your butt kicked a little, but are totally proud of yourself for doing it!  Expect High Fives…it’s what I do to make sure we are still friends after class. 🙂

Yoga – A calm class with a good flow and a strong focus on breath and body awareness.

What got you into yoga?
I broke my leg playing football and I was unable to play any sports while it was broken.  So I had some free time to try something new – yoga – easy enough right?  I was so very wrong.  To me it was sooooo challenging! Not just to my broken leg but to my mind – I was so use to being a million places at once in my head so to be silent and still was really hard!  I have found that since I started practicing yoga back in 2009 I have become a much calmer person, I sleep really well, I am more mindful of others, and I take any nuisances that pop up in stride.  Physically I am more flexible and have a strong sense of body awareness which really helps with all the sports that I still play.  Yoga. I’m a fan.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
Despite popular opinion to NOT do this… I ‘google’ answers to everything that I don’t know.  I KNOW that you shouldn’t believe everything you read via google searches, but that’s how I figured out my leg was broken! (and which bone..and what kind of fracture) I did go to Pan Am the next day to ‘confirm’ what google told me though…and to get a cast.

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