Something is always happening at The Yoga Barre!

Except…maybe right now cause we are closed for the moment! But you can bring TYB to your home right now the following ways!

  1. Follow us on for our live streamed classes – we have a fitness one every morning at 10am and then a yoga one in the afternoon or evening. These classes are available for 24 hours on instagram after we post them so you don’t have to do the class during the live recording if that doesn’t work with your schedule. This service is $35.00 a month, billed once a month.
  2. Join us for a bootcamp! We do two week bootcamps twice a month right now. Daily workouts given to you via email with the workouts being either a 20 min Personal Training Session, Yoga Class, or Cardio Challenge! Cost is $35.00 for a two week Challenge.

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