TYB FIT – Online Bootcamps!

Want a quick, fun, and easy way to get moving?

TYB is running two week bootcamps that are:

TIMELY. Done in 20 mins or less each day! Coming right to your inbox at 5am every morning! Work out when it works best for you!

PLANNED. A well rounded workout of 6 exercises! Different each time! You can follow along as I work out in the video with you OR just follow the workout of the day as outlined in the email!

STRESS FREE. The exercises are easy to follow with options to take it up or down a notch. Plus endorphins after your workout are good to fight that blah feeling.

ACCOUNTABLE. Finished your workout? You can message me every day to let me know by answering my question of the day.

They have been well received by those who have done them as a nice and simple way to get moving every day!

Interested? Our FIRST bootcamp of 2021 is now underway! But there will be another starting on January 18th! Follow us on social media for up-to-date information!


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