To celebrate St. Patricks Day today, I thought I would post this super amazing green smoothie recipe.  It is one of my favourites because it involves a lot of greens (which are not always on the top of my ‘to eat’ list)

Green Kale Smoothie:

  • 12 ounces ‘milk’ of your choice (I use coconut, but use whatever you drink!)
  • 2 cups kale
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • shredded or sliced coconut (optional)

Blend all together, top with coconut if that’s what you like and enjoy!

See? Super easy! This is definitely my ‘go to’ when I’ve been super busy and haven’t had the time to eat my daily dose of veggies.

Nutritional Facts:

Calories:        308
Fat, g:               16
Carbs, g:           37
Protein, g:        11
Sat Fat, g:           6
Sodium, mg:    57
Fiber, g:            16
Sugar, g:           10
Calcium %:       47

Some options:

  • Want it not as thick? Thin it out with water.
  • Want it a little more chill? Add ice.
  • Kale out of season and super expensive?  Spinach is also a great substitute!
  • Use whatever “milk” you like!  I used coconut cause I love coconut but really the option is completely yours!

Winter is not over yet! Keep warm with two interesting tea blends.

Like most Ukrainian girls, I have a weird affinity for beets.  I love them in everything! Salads, smoothies, roasted, and of course in my favourite soup: Borcht.

I also enjoy them in teas.  They give a nice pink hue to the tea and they add an earthy flavour.  Below are two tea blends that I have created for myself – feel free to try them out!

Beet Prepration:

I first had to dehydrate my beets:

Now I have a dehydrator (which I bought at Aviva Natural Health Solutions – and I highly recommend one if you can splurge for a healthy gadget! They are good for dehydrating more than just beets of course!)

If you do NOT have a dehydrator no need to worry!  Just preheat your oven to the lowest setting (Mine goes to 170) and do the following:

1.Thinly slice pre-cooked beets (either boiled or baked) and place on a baking sheet.

2. Put in oven and for about 8 hours, flip them over every 45 mins.  When beets can be easily crumbled or crushed then remove baking sheet from oven and let cool.

3. Once cool, place in a ziplock bag and beat with a rolling pin/wooden spoon/bottom of shoe/something heavy until beets are in smaller pieces.

4. Use beets in either one of the two blends that I created.

Heather’s Fruity Beet Rooibos:

1 cup red rooibos
1/2 cup dried beets
1/2 cup dried apple
1/2 cup toasted walnuts
1/2 craisins
1/3 cup dried goji berries
1/3 cup dried coconut chunks(or you can use shredded)
1/3 cup dried dates

You can buy rooibos and gogi berries at a health food store.  I bought mine at Vita Health ( in Winnipeg.  The apple can be dried the same way at the beets (but have to be left in the oven for a longer time, around 10 hours)  I buy dates and then dice them and dry them out in the oven a little as well.

To toast walnuts: Place on baking sheet, put oven on broil and place sheet in the oven for about 3 mins, making SURE to keep an eye so that they do not burn!

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy!


Heather’s Minty Beet Blend:

1 cup green rooibos
1 cup mint
1/2 cup dried beets
1/2 cup green yerba mate
1/2 cup lemon balm
1/4 cup dried ginger (cut ginger into thin slices and dry in oven or dehydrator)

You can buy green rooibos and yerba mate at a health food store (like Vita Health).  I grow my own herbs so this was a perfect time to use my dried mint and lemon balm that I harvested in the fall.

Making your own tea blend isn’t super hard once you know where to get all the basic ingredients.  If you happen to create your own, drop me a line (or comment here) to let me know what you did. I would love to try it out!


We are so excited to announce that we have 85% of our website up for The Yoga Barre!

The only thing we have left to do is set up our scheduling system.  Once that is up you will be able to register for our classes and view our entire schedule! Another announcement will be made once we have our online scheduler up and running.

In the meantime, we want to hear from YOU!  We have 18 amazing classes to choose from at The Yoga Barre –

Check them out, take note of which classes you would LOOOOOVE to do (pick up to 5) and then take our poll below:

We also want to hear when you would come to practice at The Yoga Barre.  What is your ideal class time?

These simple polls are totally anonymous and will allow us to create a schedule that is for our members BY our members!

Thank you!

– Heather


Ah, Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Depending on your take of Valentines it could be a day of love, appreciation, romance, expectation, dread, or even a day where you feel kind of lonely and bummed out.

I personally don’t have a lot of expectations on Valentines. It’s simply been a day where I’ve felt super thankful for those who are part of my life’s journey.  Its been a day where I have always wanted to show how thankful I was: whether I’ve taught a class that day and its a love related playlist followed by a simple token of appreciation for my students, kitschy valentines day cards to my friends, or a day where I’ve baked a dozen cupcakes to share with anyone I come across.

It wasn’t until I started getting into yoga that I started to be more mindful of what I do in my every day life for myself.  I didn’t undergo any drastic changes, but what I did do was begin to recognize and appreciate all the little things I do or can do for myself. I began to make a list of little tasks or rituals that I could do to make me feel loved and cared for. Those became my ‘go to’ picker uppers to do when my energy is low or when I am just having a shady day.

Below is my ‘go to’ list of things that can brighten my day and make me feel an appreciation for myself and my life.  If you can relate to any of the ideas on my list feel free to do one on Valentine’s Day – or on any day for that matter!
NOTE: go to list subject to change with the seasons, buuuut its -40 outside right now so indoor activities it is!.

  • Essential Oils – pretty much an instant love connection for me, makes me happy and relaxed. My personal favourites are Saje diffuser and the Refresh oil.
  • Crafting – the feeling of ‘time well spent’ is something that I personally like to do for myself. Being able to sit down and create something pretty with my own two hands is an extremely gratifying experience. (on that note, crafty posts coming soon!)
  • Yoga – If I have time I will venture out and participate in a yoga class, but in a pinch its nice to simply disconnect, light some candles, play some music and take 30 to 45 mins to just do my favourite yoga postures.
  • Breathe – Sometimes days are busy! Those days its really nice to take 4-5 minutes to simply stop and breathe! Even if its at a red light and you’re sitting waiting for it to turn green. (I tell my mom to do this one often as she’s always flying around like a ninja in her day to day life)
  • Tea – YES!  Tea is totally my thing.  Simple, affordable, and non time consuming ritual that you can enjoy sitting in silence or even when you’re on the go. When I have time I like to make my own tea blends…but David’s Tea is usually my go to place for instant gratification. 🙂

My main trick to execute the perfect ‘I love me’ time is to be PRESENT. Stop. Enjoy every sip of that tea, every sniff of that essential oil, every breath, every bead you string, and every stretch and physical sensation you feel. Be present. Be love. ❤

What brightens your day? Share below! I would love to hear!
– Heather