Unfortunately, TYB had to close its doors this summer. Covid wasn’t kind to our little business and despite all our efforts to financial aid the cost of our rent and utilities at our location was just too much to keep running. After 3 months of being open with no formal restrictions we didn’t generate enough business to make up for all the rent related debt we took on over the last two years.

Heather, Tia, and the wonderful healers, teachers, and other small businesses who called TYB home cannot thank our students enough for 7+ years of sweaty smiles, zen breath, and dog pets (says Tia). We truly miss our community in Charleswood.

Heather is now teaching at the following businesses:


Mondays 9:30am – Aqua Fit
Wednesdays 5:30pm – Barre
Wednesdays 7:00pm – Aqua Fit
Plus a lot of subbin!!

Click HERE to get a FREE DAY PASS for ALTEA!


Thursdays 10:30am – CSY (Cardio Strength Yoga)
Thursdays 5:30pm – Core Sculpt
Saturdays 9:15am – Spin + Yoga
Saturdays 10:15am – Core Sculpt

We have a new way to join us for our in studio classes!

If you wish to workout from home during this time, you can join us virtually through zoom!

How to take virtual classes:

1.Download our App (search The Yoga Barre in your smart device app store) OR click below to register on your computer.


2. Sign up for classes marked *Virtual* – these classes are either part of your Intro, TYB Black, Teal membership, or a class on your class pass.

3. 5 Mins Before Class: Revisit the class on your and select “Join” you’ll be added to the zoom wait room to be let in by the instructor who is about to teach at class time.

4. Get sweating (or stretching)!

Your Virtual Space:

Make yourself a spot in your house that is:

  • Free from distractions – put those pets in another room (if possible), put your phone on do not disturb so that you can be fully present for your virtual class.
  • Well Equipped – Have your yoga mat laid out, your water close by and the right props for your class (weights if a fitness class, yoga pillows and blankets for yoga)

NOTE: Being seen during your virtual class is completely up to you! If you wish to keep your home practice private – you can keep your video camera on your device off.

We look forward to seeing you in a virtual real soon!

Our Makers Market was a Success!! Thank you so much to all who attended on December 10th and to our wonderful teachers and vendors.

12 female entrepreneurs selling their services and wares, come and get your holiday shopping done all while supporting local!

Our List of Vendors Are:

Services and Classes Provided by:


4:00 – Mini Barre in Barre Room with Heather from TYB
4:15 – Yoga Foundations in the Yoga Room with Dona
4:45 – ELDOA in the Barre Room with Annabelle from Pilates Manitoba
5:00 – Yoga Yin in the Yoga Room with Mary Lou from TYB
5:15 – Belly Dancing in Barre Room with Gina
5:30 – Spin Lite in Spin Room with Kristy from TYB
5:45 – MELT Method in the Yoga Room with Annabelle from Pilates Manitoba
6:00 – TYB FIT in the Barre Room with Kristy from TYB
6:30 – Intensati in Yoga Room with Annabelle from Pilates Manitoba
6:45 – Hot Hula in the Barre Room with Nenette from Hot Hula Fitness
7:15 – Trauma Informed Yoga in the Yoga Room with Pilates Manitoba
7:30 – Mama Fit Class in Barre Room with Aileen from Fit Together
7:45 – Spin 30 class in the Spin Room with Sara
8:00 – Reiki and Meditation in Yoga Room with Peony
8:15 – Mini Barre in Barre Room with Heather
8:45 – Christmas Light Yoga Flow in Barre Room with Sara

Registration will OPEN at 9am DECEMBER 2nd!!!


Don’t have the app?? Download here!

If you missed out on registering for our January 4th – 17th Bootcamp, we will be having another one starting on January 18th that will go two weeks!

Stay tuned for more info or follow us on Facebook or IG for all our updates!

Our @tyb.live archived classes are available to anyone who joins us on instagram. All of our current classes are being done VIRTUALLY through our app! We look forward to you joining us there!

We have been creating class content to follow along from the safety of your home since our first closure in March of 2020.

TYB.LIVE is our online live streaming platform on Instagram! We offer 5 – 7 classes weekly with an option to do them LIVE when we record them, OR to press play on these workouts after when we save them to IGTV! WE HAVE OVER 200 CLASSES IN OUR CATALOG AND COUNTING! Neat eh?

They are all now available on @tyb.live which is FREE to join so please do so and enjoy our TYB classes from home!

tyb online video library

Thank you for supporting TYB by registering for a TYB ONLINE membership!

Below are links to a catalog of videos (sorted by type of video) – they are PASSWORD PROTECTED with a new password given every month to the active members of TYB ONLINE.

Between all the pages are over 80 TYB videos that have been saved to the youtube platform. You won’t be able to find them by searching on you tube cause they are hidden and they only way you can access them is through these pages. We add new videos every week!



(chair yoga, ball pilates, etc)



TYB Barre Online Training

Become a Barre Instructor OR just deepen your own personal practice from the comfort of your own home! TYB’s Online Barre Training will be a series of online training workshops (via the Zoom app) followed by in studio practice teaching once we are up and running here again at The Yoga Barre. 

In this online training you get: – A 64 page training Manual (PDF or pay a little extra for a hard copy to be shipped directly to you!) 

Workshops: (11 Workshops)
(done through zoom meeting together as a training group)

– Introduction and Terminology – 1 hour – (Friday, May 1st – 6-7pm)
– Warm Up Sequence – 45 mins – (Saturday, May 2nd – 1-2pm)
– Musicality and Class Room Prep – 45 mins – (Friday, May 8th – 6-7pm)
– Core Exercises and Cuing – 1.5 hours (Saturday, May 9th – 1-2pm)
– Being a Confident Barre Teacher Tricks – 45 mins (Friday, May 15th – 6-7pm)
– Lower Body Exercises and Cuing – 1.5 hours (Saturday, May 16th – 1-3pm)
– Cool Down Sequence – 45 mins (Friday, May 22nd – 6-7pm)
– Cardio Exercises and Cuing – 1 hour (Saturday, May 23rd – 1-2pm)
– Upper Body Exercises and Cuing – 1 hour (Saturday, May 23rd – 2-3pm)
– Modifications for injury, pre/post natal, different experience levels – 1 hour (Friday, May 29th – 6-7pm)
– PLUS: Functional Anatomy as it pertains to a Barre Practice with Dona Watts-Hutchings – 2.5/3 hours
(Saturday, May 30th – 1-4pm)

One-On-One:– You get 3 – 20 min One-On-One private zoom meetings with Heather to over songs, your sequence (say it out loud and teach it to Heather!), and any other questions that may come up for you one your Barre Teaching Journey. (Dates/times determined between you and Heather!)

Classes:– FREE access to the TYB Barre Class Library, so you can practice Barre anytime! (if studio is open then you will be able to come to live classes for FREE) (Take them when you’d like – but you must journal 10 barre experiences)

Practice Teaching!– Once the studio is back up and running, you’ll get to teach a part of your sequence in a team teach (with other instructors) and once we work the newbie teaching nerves out – you’ll have 2 classes that you’ll teach on your own here at TYB before we send you off into the Barre Teaching World. (dates will be determined once we are up and running again, we are hoping for summer!)

– Constructive feedback will be given so that you can be your best instructor. 

COST: Early Bird is $475.00 plus GST until April 25th. After that $525.00 plus GST until the start of the program. 


You Can Register Through the TYB App (Go To Teacher Trainings) OR by clicking this LINK. (if it doesn’t work – copy and paste this: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=261770 ) Go to the Teacher Training tab.

Prefer to e-transfer? Email heather@theyogabarrewpg.com to arrange your registration that way.


We have had a lot of students ask how to support TYB during this time, so we have come up with a membership! The KARMA Membership will be active for the duration of this epidemic and until we can open our doors to all our wonderful students again.

Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for this membership through the app. But follow our instructions below! If the system is giving you issues – then feel free to email heather directly at heather@theyogabarrewpg.com.

As a ‘thank you’ for your support – we have created a catalog of classes which you will be emailed a link to!

On these password protected pages, we have a collection of barre, yoga, family, and specialty classes! We have (so far): Mini Barre, Core Power, Yoga Yin, Yoga Restore, Yoga Stretch, HIIT, and then some specialty classes such as Family Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Neck and Shoulders just to name a few! The catalog is being added to weekly so you will have some fresh content to access whenever you feel like taking a class.

In addition we also have our instagram live stream page – @tyb.live where we are doing 2 live classes daily! So also follow us there for fresh content!

Now Here’s How To Get your Karma Membership:

  1. Click this LINK. (if it doesn’t work – copy and paste this: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=261770
  2. (IF ON YOUR PHONE) – If it prompts you to use the mindbody app – just say no!
  3. It should take you to our dedicated mind body page (our logo should appear in the top left corner) but if not – search ‘The Yoga Barre’
  4. Then Click “Online Store”
  5. Then Click “Contracts”
  6. Select Karma 10 (10.00/week) or Karma 20 (20.00/week)
  7. Read Contract, If you agree, check the ‘I agree’ check box.
  8. Click “Make Purchase”
  9. Once on the check out page, give it a good look over and then click “Check Out”
  10. It will prompt you to login, or if you are a new student – to create a new account. Then go through the shopping cart prompts to complete your purchase!

We thank you SO much for your support!

If you are a visual learner, I have also made a quick two minute video! (which is probably blurry…. but hopefully it makes sense!)

Spring Training Early Bird Registration starts March 1st until March 21st!

April 3rd, 4th, 5th (theory)
April 25th, 26th (theory)
May (practicum – dates tbd!)


Are you a current fitness or yoga instructor and you’d like to add Barre to your fitness teaching repertoire?

Do you want to learn how to become an EXCEPTIONAL Barre Teacher while discovering your own unique barre teaching vibe? Then this course is for YOU.

TYB’s Barre Training is a comprehensive training done over 3 weekends. A whirlwind barre lesson done in a short weekend this is not. You will get the full value of your tuition by diving deep into the world of barre and emerge as an knowledgeable, skilled, and unique instructor.

We won’t give you some handouts and set you loose into the barre teaching world either – you’ll be able to apply your skills, practice teach, receive constructive feedback from senior instructors, and have someone to answer all your barre teaching questions so that you can truly hone your craft and feel like a total barre boss!

Dates: April 3 – 5, April 25 – 26, with practice teaching in May!


1. I don’t want to be a teacher, but I LOVE Barre and want to deepen my practice – can I take this training?

Yes!  You can sit in on the lectures and not participate in the actual teaching part of the training if you’d like!  Message Heather for a reduced rate to just sit in on lectures.

2. I’m already a certified Barre instructor – but I’d just like a refresher on some of the concepts and a little bit of inspiration.  Can I take this training?

Yes!  You can also sit in on lectures and partake in the classes.  Contact Heather directly for more info and a reduced rate.

3. I have no other certifications – can I be a barre instructor with this training?

Most studios/gyms/community clubs in Winnipeg require you to have at least a fitness certification or a 200hr Yoga Certification to teach Barre.  Boutique studios with their own brand of barre have their own training that their instructors go through so make sure to contact those studios if that’s where you dream of teaching!  That being said you can always take this training and THEN finish any extra fitness or yoga requirements necessary to qualify to teach at those facilities (each facility has their own set of guidelines)

4. Are there per-requisites to taking this training?

No per-requisites but a background in yoga is helpful. (As our method has yoga fundamentals)  During the training you’ll be required to take at LEAST 15 classes.  8 will be covered in the actual training and you’ll have to fit 7 classes in on your own time.  If you don’t know how Barre feels in your body – it will be really hard to teach it to others which is why taking classes is so important!

5. What is the cost of this training?

The cost is $595.00 (plus applicable taxes) and this includes:

  • 3 weekends of training (approximately 35 hours)
  • A FREE MONTH at TYB so you can take classes
  • 2 co-teaching practice teaching classes with a senior instructor after the training
  • Use of the studio space to do your own practice teaching for your friends/family (speak with Heather to arrange dates/times)
  • Becoming a kick ass and confident barre instructor!

NOTE: REGISTER BY MARCH 21ST and pay only $475.00! (save $125.00!)

6. What are the hours of this training?

Fridays: 7pm – 9:30pm

Saturdays: 9:30am – 3:00pm (60 minute lunch/snack break)

Sundays: 9:30am – 3:00pm (60 minute lunch/snack break)

7. Oh no!  I can’t attend all the weekends!! Can I still finish my training?

It is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT that you be in attendance for the entire training.   Certain modules are mandatory (like the anatomy lecture) and cannot be made up.  If you have to miss a part of training you can make up for it by having a one-on-one session with Heather at the cost of $50.00/hour. (so its best that you just clear your calendar!)

8. Sooooo…what exactly will I learn in this training?

We will cover:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet Terminology
  • Barre Moves and Alignment Prinicples
  • Dynamic and Effective Teaching Skills
  • How to Sequence a 60 min and 45 min Class Efficiently and Effectively
  • Cueing and Verbal Instructions
  • Finding Your inner Barre Star – How to Discover your Unique Teaching Style
  • MUSIC MATTERS – Picking Songs that Work
  • Modifications for pre/post natal, injuries, beginners
  • Props!

Have more questions?  Email: Heather@TheYogaBarreWPG.com and she’ll get back to you with some answers!

Restorative Yoga meets Hot Stone Experience is what you get when you sign up for The Yoga Barre’s Hot Stone Yogassage.

You’ll start by making yourself a nice cup of herbal tea, feel free to come early – shut off your electronics and take a few minutes to disconnect before we enter the practice room.

2 Hours – 4 Postures – all while having hot stones placed on you to soothe and release any tension you have in your body.  The class is small – limited to 6-7 participants so that everyone gets a good amount of attention while the stones are being placed upon you in these comfortable yoga positions meant to induce a sense of relax and restore into your nervous system. Students often leave feeling relaxed and ready to chill for the rest of the day.

After class, feel free to have another cup of tea – no need to rush either, take your time and leave when you feel ready to do so.

The investment in self is $40.00/pp and we have the following dates available in January and February (2020):

Friday, January 24th – 7pm – 9pm – This Workshop is now FULL

Saturday, January 25th – 1pm – 3pm – 3 spots left!

Thursday, February 13th – 7pm – 9pm – Two Spots Left (good Valentines Day Idea!)

Saturday, February 15th – 1pm – 3pm – 5 Spots Left! (good Valentines Day Idea!)

Friday, February 28th – 7pm – 9pm – 3 Spots Left!

Saturday, February 29th – 4 Spots Left! (Leap Year!!)

You can register in our Workshops Section of our App or by clicking HERE


  • Yoga Mat
  • Water Bottle
  • Socks (in case your feet get cold)
  • Wear clothing that has full coverage on the back, hot stones cannot directly go on skin so wearing an open back top will limit the back massage we administer with the stones to just the areas that are covered.