Build, sculpt, and tone your body with our barre and barre inspired classes at TYB.

TYB’s Barre Classes are a fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet. At TYB we incorporate yoga into our warm up and our cool down. Our core work is Pilates inspired, and our leg work is ballet inspired.

Do you need to have a dance background to attend barre? Absolutely NOT! We reference foot positions as well as moves such as relivees and plies to tone your lower body. We use repetition to build strength and muscle endurance.

What you will feel after a barre class is a little sweaty and a little sore from using your muscles in a way that maaaaybe they haven’t been used in a while. 🙂

Types of Classes:

These classes are guaranteed to sculpt and tone your body if you keep a consistent practice:

Mini Barre: Yoga warm up, core, cardio, legs, upper body, and cool down is the format of this 45 minute practice. Mini barre is a well rounded practice set to the beat of the music so that your workout flies by!

HIIT The Barre: This practice is a marriage of High Intensity Interval Training and barre. 30-60 second intervals with rest in between of fitness or barre inspired exercises will challenge you to push your limits when it comes to your own personal intensity. 45 mins.

Core Power: For those core lovers out there this 45 min practice is for you! Yoga warm up, cardio, core, cardio, core and a cool down! We put in some cardio tracks to get the heart rate and intensity up and give the core and supporting muscles a great workout!

TYB Fit: New to our class repertoire. As a result of the pandemic Heather had some time to get here CanFitPro certification and is used it to create this practice. Think of it as having the value of a one-on-one personal training workout but at the economical price of a group class workout. 6 exercises chosen by Heather for the day, 3 sets, 10-12 reps – lets get it!

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