Unfortunately, TYB had to close its doors this summer. Covid wasn’t kind to our little business and despite all our efforts to financial aid the cost of our rent and utilities at our location was just too much to keep running. After 3 months of being open with no formal restrictions we didn’t generate enough business to make up for all the rent related debt we took on over the last two years.

Heather, Tia, and the wonderful healers, teachers, and other small businesses who called TYB home cannot thank our students enough for 7+ years of sweaty smiles, zen breath, and dog pets (says Tia). We truly miss our community in Charleswood.

Heather is now teaching at the following businesses:


Mondays 9:30am – Aqua Fit
Wednesdays 5:30pm – Barre
Wednesdays 7:00pm – Aqua Fit
Plus a lot of subbin!!

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Thursdays 10:30am – CSY (Cardio Strength Yoga)
Thursdays 5:30pm – Core Sculpt
Saturdays 9:15am – Spin + Yoga
Saturdays 10:15am – Core Sculpt

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