We have a new way to join us for our in studio classes!

If you wish to workout from home during this time, you can join us virtually through zoom!

How to take virtual classes:

1.Download our App (search The Yoga Barre in your smart device app store) OR click below to register on your computer.


2. Sign up for classes marked *Virtual* – these classes are either part of your Intro, TYB Black, Teal membership, or a class on your class pass.

3. 5 Mins Before Class: Revisit the class on your and select “Join” you’ll be added to the zoom wait room to be let in by the instructor who is about to teach at class time.

4. Get sweating (or stretching)!

Your Virtual Space:

Make yourself a spot in your house that is:

  • Free from distractions – put those pets in another room (if possible), put your phone on do not disturb so that you can be fully present for your virtual class.
  • Well Equipped – Have your yoga mat laid out, your water close by and the right props for your class (weights if a fitness class, yoga pillows and blankets for yoga)

NOTE: Being seen during your virtual class is completely up to you! If you wish to keep your home practice private – you can keep your video camera on your device off.

We look forward to seeing you in a virtual real soon!

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