We have had a lot of students ask how to support TYB during this time, so we have come up with a membership! The KARMA Membership will be active for the duration of this epidemic and until we can open our doors to all our wonderful students again.

Unfortunately, you cannot sign up for this membership through the app. But follow our instructions below! If the system is giving you issues – then feel free to email heather directly at

As a ‘thank you’ for your support – we have created a catalog of classes which you will be emailed a link to!

On these password protected pages, we have a collection of barre, yoga, family, and specialty classes! We have (so far): Mini Barre, Core Power, Yoga Yin, Yoga Restore, Yoga Stretch, HIIT, and then some specialty classes such as Family Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Neck and Shoulders just to name a few! The catalog is being added to weekly so you will have some fresh content to access whenever you feel like taking a class.

In addition we also have our instagram live stream page – where we are doing 2 live classes daily! So also follow us there for fresh content!

Now Here’s How To Get your Karma Membership:

  1. Click this LINK. (if it doesn’t work – copy and paste this:
  2. (IF ON YOUR PHONE) – If it prompts you to use the mindbody app – just say no!
  3. It should take you to our dedicated mind body page (our logo should appear in the top left corner) but if not – search ‘The Yoga Barre’
  4. Then Click “Online Store”
  5. Then Click “Contracts”
  6. Select Karma 10 (10.00/week) or Karma 20 (20.00/week)
  7. Read Contract, If you agree, check the ‘I agree’ check box.
  8. Click “Make Purchase”
  9. Once on the check out page, give it a good look over and then click “Check Out”
  10. It will prompt you to login, or if you are a new student – to create a new account. Then go through the shopping cart prompts to complete your purchase!

We thank you SO much for your support!

If you are a visual learner, I have also made a quick two minute video! (which is probably blurry…. but hopefully it makes sense!)

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