Restorative Yoga meets Hot Stone Experience is what you get when you sign up for The Yoga Barre’s Hot Stone Yogassage.

You’ll start by making yourself a nice cup of herbal tea, feel free to come early – shut off your electronics and take a few minutes to disconnect before we enter the practice room.

2 Hours – 4 Postures – all while having hot stones placed on you to soothe and release any tension you have in your body.  The class is small – limited to 6-7 participants so that everyone gets a good amount of attention while the stones are being placed upon you in these comfortable yoga positions meant to induce a sense of relax and restore into your nervous system. Students often leave feeling relaxed and ready to chill for the rest of the day.

After class, feel free to have another cup of tea – no need to rush either, take your time and leave when you feel ready to do so.

The investment in self is $40.00/pp and we have the following dates available in January and February (2020):

Friday, January 24th – 7pm – 9pm – This Workshop is now FULL

Saturday, January 25th – 1pm – 3pm – 3 spots left!

Thursday, February 13th – 7pm – 9pm – Two Spots Left (good Valentines Day Idea!)

Saturday, February 15th – 1pm – 3pm – 5 Spots Left! (good Valentines Day Idea!)

Friday, February 28th – 7pm – 9pm – 3 Spots Left!

Saturday, February 29th – 4 Spots Left! (Leap Year!!)

You can register in our Workshops Section of our App or by clicking HERE


  • Yoga Mat
  • Water Bottle
  • Socks (in case your feet get cold)
  • Wear clothing that has full coverage on the back, hot stones cannot directly go on skin so wearing an open back top will limit the back massage we administer with the stones to just the areas that are covered.


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