Chakradance is a playful, spirited, free flowing, healing dance meditation to unblock your energy centers or chakras for greater well being, freedom. peace and joy.

This 3 session DANCE OF Love for gives you the opportunity to release and / or heal the hurts, pain and heaviness of the heart to bring lightness, joy and peace to the heart and to your life. DANCE OF Love allows your heart to open to the love of the Universe. The last session will be dedicated to sending healing energy to Mother Earth and all of the inhabitants of the land, water and air.

Come explore the Anahata Heart Chakra with music, mudra, meditation, dance and art. DANCE OF Love heals the heart, balance your energies and send healing energy to self, specific individuals and / or to all of humanity.

Tuesdays: June 11, 18 & 25, 2019 from 1:30 – 3 pm

Location: The Yoga Barre

Investment for DANCE OF Love: $20 /person /class; or, $50 per person for all 3 sessions when paid on June 11

Registration is required to attend.  Click HERE to register (you’ll see it in the WORKSHOPS tab)

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