The Yoga Barre has the most AMAZING members and we wanted to thank you for filling up our mats and our spin seats with a FREE workshop series for Members!

That’s right, FREE.  If you are an Intro Member, VIP Member or a 1 Year Unlimited Member – you pay nothing.  If you are a Class Card Holder – you just use up a class pass!  If you’re not quite part of our membership but would like to attend a specific workshop the drop in for these is $25.00

HOW TO BOOK:  Book it like you’d book a class!  NOTE: Due to how popular these workshops are going to be – there is a 24 hour cancellation policy! So book this like you would book a medical appointment and give us lots of notice if you can’t make it!

Here’s the lineup:

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, 1pm:

SPIN 101:
Whether you are new to spin or have been spinning with us since we opened, this workshop is a good place to revisit bike functionality and your own form on the bike!

Have bad knees? A bad hip? A bad back? What modifications are there? Why does your pubis hurt when you spin?  What the heck does Heather mean when she’s yelling at you to reach your butts back?? Tap the saddle? We will answer all these questions and MORE (so come equipped with your own personal questions!)

NOTE: Not a class, but you will be spinning from time to time so bring your shoes and a water bottle. (and maybe a note pad if you like to take notes)

Workshop led by: Heather
Duration: 45-60 mins

Saturday, February 9th, 2019, 1pm:

With Pilates being the latest addition to our Yoga Barre fitness repertoire, we have a lot of members who are just learning this method for the first time!  So if you are NEW to Pilates or just need a refresher, join us!

Can you do Pilates with a bad back? Why is it so important to have a neutral spine? Whats a pelvic tilt? What’s a roll up and can I do one??  Are some general questions asked about Pilates but we would love to hear ones that you have as well!

NOTE: This one will be in the format of a fundamental beginners class with a lot of time spent on fully explaining alignment in the Pilates method, so bring a yoga mat, a water bottle, and a note pad if you wish to take notes!

Workshop led by: Dona
Duration: 75-90 mins

Saturday, February 16th, 2019, 1pm:

BARRE 101:
One of our studio fitness staples at TYB, Barre classes are a wonderful combination of all things yoga, Pilates and ballet.  Because we do so many different things in a Barre practice this session will take the entire TWO HOURS because there is just so much to cover!

Do your knees hurt in lunges?  Does your back hurt in planks? A curtsy whaa? Pushups are the WORST! Can I still do barre while rehabbing an injury? This workshop will cover all things barre and our goal is to have you feeling comfortable in executing barre exercises in the way that best works for you and your body!  Every body is different and naturally in Barre everyone is going to look a little different but that doesn’t mean what one person is doing is wrong and the other person is right!  So come find out how Barre is suppose to feel for you!

NOTE: Not a class, but just as hard as one as we will be repping and holding a lot of poses!  Bring your mat and water bottle. (note pad too if you wish!)

Workshop led by: Heather
Duration: 90-120 mins

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019, 1pm:

YOGA 101:
Being open in the Charleswood community for almost 3 years now, what I have noticed most about our students is that they are a little shy when it comes to yoga.  Western culture has kind of ruined yoga and its perception of what it is.  You don’t need to be the  contorting yourself on a mountain top with the wind blowing through your hair using the perfect photo filter to ‘do yoga’.  When I tell people I am a yoga instructor the first thing many people say is ‘ohhhh you must be so flexible!’ NOPE. At least not by industry standards!

So this workshop is meant to debunk all those myths. You don’t have to contort yourself.  You don’t have to be ‘flexible’.  You don’t have to wear hot pants or even yoga pants if you don’t want to!  Yoga practice is an AMAZING personal practice and we want to show you all the wonderful things you can take away from a consistent practice!  If you’re still shy about ‘not doing yoga well’ we will go over a lot of the basics so that you have a good foundation and understanding of what yoga is suppose feel like in your body.

NOTE: Not a class, but we will be workshopping a lot of the poses as well as an open forum for discussion and questions.  Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and a note pad if you wish to take notes!

Workshop led by: Ashley (assisted by Heather)
Duration: 90-120 mins

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