We have a couple events planned for February at The Yoga Barre!

Whether you have a partner or you are flying solo – we have two great workshops being lead by Andrea Robin, Winnipeg’s Partner Yoga Guru!

Couples Yoga – February 10th – 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Special addition of partner Massage Techniques to enhance your experience!

Couples Yoga enhances intimacy, communication, trust & playfulness between partners. Physically it offers support & foundation to help deepen the asanas. Be prepared to laugh, sweat and have a great time with your Beloved! Designed for all levels of yoga experience. All couples welcome!

Investment: $65.00 (before taxes) No refunds, but transferable to another couple.

Instructor: Andrea Robin, B.Ed , 300 RYT

Massage Therapist: Jefferey Dalhouse, Bfa, RMT

Valentine’s Partner Yoga – February 14th – 5:30pm – 6:45pm

Exclusively for Singles, Friends or Friends that Haven’t Met Yet

This fun and engaging Yoga Practice is suitable for yogis of all levels, including beginners. Using a partner for support and foundation, you will experience asana in a whole new way! We will break down barriers and build bridges instead! Lots of laughter, mayhem and learning will ensue!

Come with a buddy or on your own. Expand your mind, your heart and your yoga practice.

Investment: $35.00 (before taxes) or $30.00 if you sign up with a friend. No refunds, but transferable.

Instructor: Andrea Robin, B.Ed, 300 RYT

Click HERE to sign up!

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