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Conquering Fear, On and Off the Mat

with Sandra McNeill

Saturday, October 21st – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Do you feel nervous to move into a full Bridge pose? Are you worried that your body won’t support you when you try different back bends or inversions? This is the workshop for you!

We will conquer our fears by SUPPORTING our bodies to move into these sometimes challenging poses. Using our trusty Yoga props, you will get to feel the benefits of these Yoga poses, without having to go it alone. You know what’s on the other side of fear? Everything!

 Workshop Breakdown:

 Up first – meet Sandra & the group, hear her Yoga and moving past fear story, & get to know the Yoga props.

 Next – Yoga Flow to warm up our bodies!

Finally! – Learning how to use props to support Full Bridge, Camel Pose, and arm balances. This will include time for everyone to try the supported poses. (Come prepared to work together to move past your fears! Some partner work included)

Yoga Mat
Water Bottle

Interested in this workshop?  Register in studio, on our APP, or by clicking HERE.

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