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Yoga For Sleep (2 part series)

With Heather Senderewich

Part 1: Friday, October 13th – 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Part 2: Friday, October 20th – 7:00pm – 8:30pm

In this two part workshop series we will go over how to set up your space for an ideal sleep, breathing techniques to encourage sleep, items that can help induce sleep (such as aromatherapy and teas), as well as some great poses to do in your own bed!

You will go home, and have a couple days to apply the techniques, set up your space, and maybe even try some of the postures we talked about in Part 1 and write down any questions you may want to ask in Part 2!

Part 2 we will have a yoga pajama party!  Wear your comfy PJs and your favourite slippers as we will settle in with a relaxing cup of tea and then be ready to tie in all the poses and techniques for a truly relaxing experience.

Yoga Mat
Water Bottle
Journal and Pen
For Part 2:
Bring a pillow or your favourite blanket and wear PJs!

Interested in this workshop?  Register in studio, on our APP, or by clicking HERE.

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