Ah, Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Depending on your take of Valentines it could be a day of love, appreciation, romance, expectation, dread, or even a day where you feel kind of lonely and bummed out.

I personally don’t have a lot of expectations on Valentines. It’s simply been a day where I’ve felt super thankful for those who are part of my life’s journey.  Its been a day where I have always wanted to show how thankful I was: whether I’ve taught a class that day and its a love related playlist followed by a simple token of appreciation for my students, kitschy valentines day cards to my friends, or a day where I’ve baked a dozen cupcakes to share with anyone I come across.

It wasn’t until I started getting into yoga that I started to be more mindful of what I do in my every day life for myself.  I didn’t undergo any drastic changes, but what I did do was begin to recognize and appreciate all the little things I do or can do for myself. I began to make a list of little tasks or rituals that I could do to make me feel loved and cared for. Those became my ‘go to’ picker uppers to do when my energy is low or when I am just having a shady day.

Below is my ‘go to’ list of things that can brighten my day and make me feel an appreciation for myself and my life.  If you can relate to any of the ideas on my list feel free to do one on Valentine’s Day – or on any day for that matter!
NOTE: go to list subject to change with the seasons, buuuut its -40 outside right now so indoor activities it is!.

  • Essential Oils – pretty much an instant love connection for me, makes me happy and relaxed. My personal favourites are Saje diffuser and the Refresh oil.
  • Crafting – the feeling of ‘time well spent’ is something that I personally like to do for myself. Being able to sit down and create something pretty with my own two hands is an extremely gratifying experience. (on that note, crafty posts coming soon!)
  • Yoga – If I have time I will venture out and participate in a yoga class, but in a pinch its nice to simply disconnect, light some candles, play some music and take 30 to 45 mins to just do my favourite yoga postures.
  • Breathe – Sometimes days are busy! Those days its really nice to take 4-5 minutes to simply stop and breathe! Even if its at a red light and you’re sitting waiting for it to turn green. (I tell my mom to do this one often as she’s always flying around like a ninja in her day to day life)
  • Tea – YES!  Tea is totally my thing.  Simple, affordable, and non time consuming ritual that you can enjoy sitting in silence or even when you’re on the go. When I have time I like to make my own tea blends…but David’s Tea is usually my go to place for instant gratification. 🙂

My main trick to execute the perfect ‘I love me’ time is to be PRESENT. Stop. Enjoy every sip of that tea, every sniff of that essential oil, every breath, every bead you string, and every stretch and physical sensation you feel. Be present. Be love. ❤

What brightens your day? Share below! I would love to hear!
– Heather




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  1. Oils, tea and crafting are my go to relaxations as well Heather. I have’t really tried much yoga but may have to come try a class! Look forward to reading more crafty posts!

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